Points to remember

1. Never get drunk on your first night. It will spoil the game.

2. Avoid mastuburation atleast for two days before your first night, if you want to have fun.

3. Avoid a heavy meal before sex. Keep atleast 3 hours gap between your meals and sex.

4. Good lovemaking starts long before you reach the bedroom, so make sure you and your partner have a bath. Everyone smells, no one likes the smell of stale sweat.

5.Teeth are as important as the groin and armpits. Don’t forget to brush them after your bath. When kissing a girl, or even sitting close to her, she won’t want to smell your bad breath. Use a mouth freshner if you can.

6.Women need a long time to get sufficiently aroused.

Now coming to bed

The first night is the most fascinating thought for those getting married. Most people do a lot of preparations  It is the most important event in the life of the newly married couple. Here are the eight steps one should follow on his first night.

Step1: You should initiate your wife into sex gently. Women open up very gradually. You should make her comfortable before having sex. Don't jump on her immediately, Start with talking about her hobbies, interests and acquaint each other with your preferences, then start with kisses, embraces, gentle caresses should be given the major importance.
 No woman expects to remove all her clothes on first night at once.You should keep yourself under control during the foreplay before first sexual union,

Step2 : Having done that now without removing her clothes slowly hold your wife from the backside, kiss her on the neck gentle, make sure when you are holding use your hand gently massaging her under breast area to the navel, you should be sensitive enough to judge your wife's reaction by her facial expression and gestures. Once done that now the time is to show your wildness, now slow move your hands to her boobs, massage those twins gently with both of your hands from back side kissing her shoulder,neck and biting her ears gently. Now explore her whole body  ass ,thighs, back etc.without putting your hands inside her clothes. This activity should be atleast for 12 -15 mins duration to steadily arouse her sexual feelings to move towards the desired goal.

Step3: Enter your hand into her clothes slowly slowly to touch her senses and repeat all the things of step2 again By now she should have some of her shyness gone.Now start removing her clothes one by one starting from bottom may be skirt, salwar,saree or something else and then go to upper portion like blouse, kameez or top and gently lick the back for some time. Now it's time to enter you hands into the bra to touch those erect nipples, then snap the bra hook properly and remove it to have your first glimpse of the two cuties you dreampt all your life and then enter your hand into her panty and run your fingers around her pussy and feel the warmth, at the same time check for the wetness to gauge her level of arouseness

Step4: Now make her lie on the bed and remove your clothes one by one slowly except your underwear by looking at her face. Start seducing her without kissing her lips and cheeks,come closer to her lips but don't kiss them,this will definately make her excite. Slowly put your face between her two breasts cupping them in your two hands and feel the softness on your face cheeks, then start licking her breasts one by one alternatively with your tounge gently, remember never suck too hard it does not feel good in any way and can cause pain to her. Now proceed to her navel and lick there for sometime holding her breasts in your both hands. then comes the most awaited thing, her pussy, if it is shaved don't forget to run your tounge around it atleast for a minute, this will run her crazy, if she has pubic hair then gently scratch with your nails and kiss around the side walls. Don't forget to put your fingers near the opening of vagina to check the lubrication.
Step 5: Optional - By this time you should have known how much comfortable she is, depending on this take her hand in your underwear and let her feel your dick firstly from above and then slowly slowly to inside. This should make your's hard if it is not.
Step 6: Now remove your underwear, slowly move and lie on her properly and kiss her lips very slowly, let her feel your breath. then move to her neck and kiss again, by this time she should have got the sufficient amount of lubrication (white transperent in color) in her pussy, means your erected penis is ready for insertion .
Step 7: Now its time for one of the most memorable thing to happen in both of your lives -Intercourse. Read the following carefully.
If your wife is virgin, the first most important work is the rupture of the hymen (seal). This is located at the opening to the pussy. Hymen makes the boundary between the external and part of the pussy which develop from the skin and the internal structures of the sexual reproductive system. In some women the hymen may be more or less retained as a perforated, soft sheet of the skin, in some women this tissue present during infancy seems to dissolve with growth, so that only slight remnants are seen as soft tags around the vaginal entrance.In some cases the hymen is usually thick or strong. Forceful entry of a penis will overcome the obstruction. Though the women may feel some discomfort. Sometimes, the pain caused by hymen rupture obstruct with the enjoyment of first intercourse. But this pain and discomfort will not last longer.
 Now the time has come to give her a hard fuck. The best position for the first timers would be missionary style. Make her lie on her back, lift her legs and fold them at knees, spread them slightly apart. Now put your dick (with condom preffered as it contains lubricant ) into her pussy slowly with one hand and wait for a second for her to adjust. Start moving slowly in and out and gradually increase the speed till you ejaculate inside her. Once you have cummed lie on her and relax for a minute kissing her.

Step 8: Now slowly remove your dick from hers and let both of you wash your private parts thoroughly with hot /warm water to clean the cum and lubricant. This is one of the most important thing one has to do after sex, otherwise it will cause itching and swelling which may hamper your sex for few days.